“You’re out of your mind .. There’s no way LeBron James will ever be Michael Jordan”: How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel was pretty sure about his choice for GOAT back in 2011

Michael Jordan and LeBron James are two of the best basketball players, ever. It is quite difficult to know who among the two is better, but it wasn’t back in 2011.


If there is an end to the debate of who between Michael Jordan and LeBron James is the greatest of all time, it is not close. It is not going to get any kind of closure until The King finishes his career.

If he somehow wins yet another title before it’s said and done, it will be his 5th, which would be a massive boost for his resume that will be richer than all other superstars’ of the league. If he magically wins two, there wouldn’t be any argument for the MJ stans.

But until then, His Airness remains at the top of the food chain.

One of the several reasons other than basketball is that he has a generation of fans behind him and more who believe that the Bulls’ legend is and always will be the GOAT of the game. One of them is our beloved Marshall Eriksen from HIMYM.

When Jason Segel playfully declared Michael Jordan is better than LeBron James to a kid
The comedic actor Jason Segel played the role of Marshall in one of the best sitcoms of all time – How I Met Your Mother, was well known in the show for his love for sports. Seeing his passion while talking about LeBron and Jordan on that show, might have made the “Bad Teacher” movie’s director Jake Kasdan give him a bit of MJ-LBJ debate to play with a kid.

In a scene in the 2011 movie that also starred Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake, a kid argues that James is a much better passer and rebounder than Jordan. Jason stays with just his one point that Mike had 6 championships, while 7-years into his career James had none.

Quite literally, that’s an unbeatable argument. But Jordan other than winning 6 rings, did many other things better than James has to date. He was the Finals MVP in all 6 NBA Finals he appeared in (James – 4/10). MJ won 10x scoring titles in his 15-year career, while LBJ has just one in nineteen. Jordan also made an NBA record 9x All-Defensive First Teams compared to LeBron’s five. Insane.

LeBron might still have a chance to finish his career with 5/6 rings, depending upon how he and the Lakers manage his last few years in the league. If he does so while also being the top scorer of the league (currently #2), a top-10 assist provider (#7), and top-50 in career rebounds (#42), he will be the GOAT.


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