‘You’re never going to know who is the GOAT’: Michael Jordan explains his theory behind the GOAT debate

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan believes that it is difficult to have the GOAT debate as you would have to compare players from different eras.


A debate that has been going on for decades and decades now, has been the discussion on who the greatest NBA player of all time is, i.e. the GOAT.

Following the end of Bill Russell’s career, he was labelled the GOAT and after Michael Jordan’s career ended, it was almost unanimously agreed upon that Jordan was now the undisputed GOAT.

Well, with the way LeBron James’s career is panning out, the GOAT debate has gotten a lot of traction once again, comparing James to Jordan, with both sides chucking valid and not so valid arguments at one another.

The ‘current’ GOAT however, says he does not believe in the GOAT debate for a particular reason.

Michael Jordan says he prefers to not compare players to determine who the GOAT is

In his sit down interview with the Aficionado, Jordan was very adamant on his views on the entirety of the GOAT debate, condemning it.

He started out by saying, “You’re never going to say who’s the greatest of all time. To me, that’s more for PR and more for selling stories. I never played with Wilt Chamberlain or Jerry West so to say one is greater than the other is being unfair.”

Does Michael Jordan have a point?

The crux of this debate is exactly what Jordan just explained in his interview.

Comparing say, Stephen Curry to Jerry West or Kevin Durant to Elgin Baylor is impossible because of the 2 very distinct eras those players played in.

The cultures were different, the training was different, the skills required for players to have were completely different, even some of the fundamental rules of the game were different.

So, looking at the GOAT debate from this angle certainly makes it seem as though it is impossible to have this discussion and reach a unanimously agreed upon conclusion.


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