“You could have a lot of flaws in the ’90s” – Colin Cowherd claims Michael Jordan would’ve been « pummeled » if he played today, says LeBron James would be more appreciated in Jordan era

LeBron James

The LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan debate is likely one that will not be settled until the end of time. Despite everything James has done in his historic 20-year career, many still feel he will never be able to surpass the Chicago Bulls legend.


Part of what will always give Michael Jordan a slight edge is that he came first. He was the first true megastar in professional sports and paved the way for guys like LeBron James to ascend to a similar level.

FS1’s Colin Cowherd approached the debate from a different angle. He feels Michael Jordan would have a tougher time now than he did during the ’90s.

« History would be much more favorable to LeBron. Not that he’ll be criticized, but he would be far less criticized if he played when Jordan did and Jordan played now, Jordan would be pummeled… Michael is he was kind of fortunate.You could have a lot of flaws in the 90s. Am I wrong on that? »

Some of the instances Colin Cowherd brought up about Michael Jordan were his scuffles with teammates and his multiple retirements.


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