With Team USA, Kevin Durant wants to pay the ultimate tribute to Kobe Bryant

Brooklyn Nets winger Kevin Durant has notably agreed to play the Tokyo Olympics with Team USA in relation to the impact of Kobe Bryant.


Despite a long season, Kevin Durant did not hesitate to join Team USA for the Tokyo Olympics this summer. Still, with his injury history, the Brooklyn Nets winger could have opted for a period of rest to recover.

But the former Oklahoma City Thunder absolutely wanted to play this competition with his country. Notably to pay an ultimate tribute to Kobe Bryant. It’s no secret that the Black Mamba was always keen to shine with Team USA.

He thus won the gold medal at the Olympic Games twice: 2008 and 2012. And KD therefore intends to follow his example.

“Kobe Bryant is the man we all admired and watched when we were kids. And even when he was alive and playing, his DNA was ingrained in us as players. From afar he taught us this. what the game was, what the work ethic was.

And we all took inspiration from him when he was playing and when he was alive. And now that he’s no longer with us, we all want to honor his teachings by going out on the pitch and playing with that passion, with that energy in every game.

The guys who were close to him understand how he approached every day, especially with Team USA. He was really proud to be part of this group and this team. We all feed off this type of energy, and Kobe has always brought that. So it’s still important to all of us here.

We miss him, he misses us enormously because he would be here, to support us, « assured Kevin Durant at a press conference.

For the anecdote, Jayson Tatum has also chosen to wear the number 10 in his honor. For the first Olympics since his death, Kobe Bryant will be a source of inspiration for Kevin Durant and his partners.


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