« Which player’s compliment would make you happiest? » Kobe’s cult answer (video)


As he entered the final years of his career, Kobe Bryant was often praised around the league for his accomplishments. Anything to be proud of? Not really.


Becoming an all-time legend took a lot of sacrifice for those who can now boast of such a status. Kobe Bryant’s history, and the countless anecdotes that surround his career, allow him to appear in this historic cast thanks to his work ethic.

But that’s not all, as testimonials and stories from opponents also play a big role in this hierarchy. Gaining the respect of one’s most illustrious rivals is usually a guarantee of getting one’s name on the league’s books. That’s what the Mamba has done in his 19 seasons on the court.

And while his best years were behind him, and retirement was fast approaching after multiple injuries, he continued to receive praise and admiration from the greatest players of our time. But obviously, it didn’t really affect him. Not at all, if you believe his answer to a question on this subject a few years ago.

Reporter: If you were to get a compliment from just one player in the league, which one would you like the most?

Kobe: I don’t know, I don’t care about all the compliments.

Mamba Mentality at its finest. Kobe didn’t seek recognition from his peers when he played, but simply to achieve the high goals he set for himself. By achieving his own goals, he knew the compliments would follow, but he didn’t need that to keep his motivation intact. The arrogant Kobe who was either adored or hated, but who is still missed in the NBA world.


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