When Lebron talks about his game with Jordan: « Please don’t wake me up »


It’s the kind of moment everyone imagines. The best players in their sport coming together on the same court, even though they’re not from the same generation. Lebron James talks about when he got to share the court with his favorite player and he remembers it like it was yesterday, recounting the memory with a childlike soul.


Lebron James fans are blessed. Their player has won almost everything but they have one small regret, that Bron did not cross paths with MJ. It didn’t take much for the two to cross paths. Michael Jordan left the NBA for good during the 2002-2003 season. Injured, old and in a (his) rinsed team, there is nothing more to do and as he had during the All-Star Game, the NBA is in good hands.

As for him, Lebron James will arrive in the big league a few months later, being drafted in June 2003 by the Cavaliers. A few months later, he could have faced his favorite player during an official game. This will not be the case in an official game but during a pickup game, they will share the same court.


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