When Kobe dislocated his finger and Gary Vitti popped it back in place (video)


A dislocated finger? Not a problem for Kobe Bryant, who had it put back in place before finishing his game against the Spurs.


Kobe Bryant played his last game against Tim Duncan’s Spurs on Friday night, scoring 25 points, at 10/25, during the Lakers’ 113-119 loss.

A performance all the more notable that the « Black Mamba » dislocated a finger of the right hand, the middle finger, during a fall in the fourth quarter.

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A finger that he was immediately put back in place by Gary Vitti, the historical physical trainer of the Californian franchise, before finishing the game without flinching.

The examinations then revealed that he did not suffer from any fracture, and he could therefore play his last game in Chicago on Sunday.



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