When Kobe Bryant had to choose who was the Kobe of soccer

On the occasion of Thierry Henry’s birthday, we return to a beautiful moment of the last season of Kobe Bryant. The Black Mamba did not hesitate to answer the eyes in the eyes to Tweety to a very precise question. The answer is in two words.


During the last season of the Black Mamba in NBA, tributes were numerous. The American league had the good idea to organize a meeting between 2 monsters of their sport: Kobe Bryant and Thierry Henry. We learn with surprise that the two men had the same favorite player: Marco Van Basten. Having grown up partly in Italy, Vanessa Bryant’s late husband studied and watched a lot of soccer. It was then that Thierry Henry asked him the following question, who is the Kobe of soccer? Before that, he said that Stephen Curry was the Lionel Messi of basketball:

« All I have to say is that I have a pretty good candidate in front of me. The same killer instinct, the same aggressiveness «  Kobe in front of an embarrassed Thierry

« You killed my team a few times. » Thierry Henry and Kobe Bryant notably laugh about the rivalry between the Spurs and the Lakers during this interview. The former French team player admired the killer instinct, tenacity and desire to win of the Lakers legend. The two former stars then talk about how Kobe stayed loyal to a franchise, something impossible in soccer. The double Olympic champion does not deny it, he admits he was extremely lucky to have played for one and only franchise. The former Barcelona player listens with admiration to the pride that Kobe had, when he tells his memory of the game 7 against the Celtics, his greatest moment with the franchise.

A video that inevitably has a different flavor than in 2016 but is still enjoyable. The kind of 1 vs 1 that the NBA should multiply in the near future. In any case, it’s a great compliment when you’re told you’re Kobe’s alter ego in your sport.


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