What Michael Jordan said to Kobe Bryant in their famous final game

Michael Jordan

All the time off between basketball games this year has led to an unexpected phenomenon. We keep hearing stories from the Wizards’ past, some of which provide some fairly surprising details about very memorable events. For instance, how Gilbert Arenas came up with the idea for John Wall to do ‘The Dougie’ before his first NBA game.A


Well, we have another story and this one comes from the most surprising source of all. Somehow, actor John Cusack has the scoop.

Cusack, who starred in movies like « Con Air » and « Identity, » appeared on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ last week and told a story about sitting courtside at the final game between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Jordan, of course, was on the Wizards at the time.

If you recall, there was a famous moment late in that game where Jordan took a charge on Bryant and Bryant then pretended to punch Jordan a few times before helping him up.

There were some classic photos of that play and one that confirms Cusack was, in fact, sitting right there to see it all:

Now, as you see, Jordan and Bryant are laughing. Thanks to Cusack, we now know why.


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