What Jordan said to Kobe during that famous photo during their last duel in 2003 (vidéo)

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan star in one of the most famous pictures in NBA history, when they clashed during their last duel on the court. There were several rumors about what happened during that incident and what was said between the two players.


NBA fan, Michael Jordan’s friend and Hollywood actor John Cusack has revealed what really happened between the two legends at that time. Kobe took MJ one-on-one but Jordan got in his way and got the offensive foul. Jordan went down as a laughing Kobe punched the air in frustration before helping the then Wizards player to get up. That was a hilarious sequence and several years later we get to know what really happened during that play.

Cusack was a guest on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ where he discussed his relationship with Michael Jordan among other things. At some point, he had to talk about the infamous play, revealing that Jordan actually trash-talked Kobe after he drew the offensive foul.

“In that game, at some point, everyone knew Michael and Kobe were going to go one-on-one. So Kobe got the ball, cleared everybody out, so everybody started to wrestle up with anticipation. It was going to be Kobe against Michael. Kobe started to drive and Michael stepped right in front of me and took the charge and went down. Kobe stood over and Michael said, ‘everybody in the f*cking building knew you weren’t gonna pass’. The old pro got him and Kobe just started laughing.”

This isn’t the first time Cusack talks about this story, but it’s good to see him speak about it. Back in April, he took to Twitter to explained what happened between the two best shooting guards in the game during their last encounter.

The relationship that Kobe and MJ created was deep, they saw each other as brothers and Kobe always admitted he was inspired by MJ, with Jordan agreeing that he saw a lot of himself in the Lakers legend. Sadly, Kobe left this world last January 26 in a fatal helicopter crash.

Fortunately for all of us, he left us a lot of cool stories, like the one Cusack recently told(4:34 minute mark).


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