“We’re going to have call this MJ as the WOAT” Skip Bayless regards Michael Jordan as the worst operator of an NBA franchise

Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless just called out Michael Jordan as the Worst of All Time something very unexpected. As he has been that guy who can choose MJ over anyone and anything. In the last two decades, he has established himself as one of the greatest MJ fans ever and also the greatest LeBron James hater and there is no debate about it.


But all of that was just for Michael Jordan as a player. Because Skip Bayless believes he is the worst owner and general manager of all time without a doubt. The renowned broadcaster and host of Undisputed even gave Black Jesus another nickname to ride with and that was “WOAT” (Worst Owner of All-Time).

Michael Jordan was never limited to the basketball court. As his investing and business side has him listed as a billionaire today and that’s all because of his off-court success. One of his biggest successful purchases was buying the Charlotte Hornets for $175 million (approximately). He owns 89.5% of the stakes of the franchise. But the Hornets haven’t been a successful team so far and Skip Bayless has the blame on Michael Jordan as he believes he didn’t do the job rightfully and had made hundreds of mistakes.

Skip Bayless calling out Michael Jordan for not being a good owner and even a general manager quoted: “Michael Jordan has clearly proven to be the worst owner and operator of an NBA franchise ever, the worst GM, and the worst team builder ever, so I guess we’re going to have to call this Jordan the WOAT, the worst of all time because he is.”

Further Skip Bayless also mentioned a detailed breakdown of the Michael Jordan-owned Charlotte Hornets so far. As explaining their journey he quoted: “Quick lowlights since he took over the franchise: three playoff appearances in 17 years, lost in the first round each time, got swept in 2010, swept in 2014, did take the Heat to seven in 2016 but still lost in the first round. Michael Jordan was the man who took Adam Morrison over Brandon Roy, and I tried to warn him back in my days on Cold Pizza.”

Skip Bayless points out the mistakes of Michael Jordan as the owner of Charlotte Hornets

Skip Bayless wasn’t holding himself back and was completely ruthless with some harsh words for MJ, someone he has always supported. He backed up his “WOAT” take with stats and facts and even brought in the mistakes Michael Jordan made during the drafts all these years as the owner by quoting: “Michael took Kemba over Klay and Kawhi. Michael took Michael Kidd-Gilchrist over Bradley Beal and Dame. Cody Zeller over Giannis. Noah Vonleh over Zach LaVine. Frank Kaminsky over Devin Booker. I’ll even throw in Malik Monk, even though he had his moments with the Lakers. But he took Malik Monk over Donovan Mitchell. Wrong! Wrong! Wronger!”

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