(VIDEO) Michael Jordan on the GOAT debate: « I’ll never say I’m the greatest player of all time »

GOAT debate

LeBron James feels he has a right to claim the title of best player of all time. Michael Jordan’s opinion, 10 years earlier, is interesting.


LeBron James must have known that by launching himself, even briefly, on the question of the best player of all time in the show « More than an athlete », he would trigger some reactions. There, the « King » explained that his performance at the 2016 Finals made him feel like the « G.O.A.T. », which obviously caused some heated debates among friends on New Year’s Eve. Since it’s almost solely with Michael Jordan that this very abstract and ultimately rather pointless « fight » is taking place, let’s remember where « MJ » stood on the subject 10 years ago.

LeBron James was then a young star without a title and no one was challenging the supremacy of the Bulls legend. Nevertheless, the six-time NBA champion’s approach was interesting in this interview with Michael Wilbon.

« This discussion, somehow, I don’t want it. I think it’s disrespectful to people like Wilt Chamberlain or Jerry West, who made their mark on the league before me but I never got to face. No matter what title they want to give me, I couldn’t play against those legends who were there before me. When I hear about that, I kind of run away from it because nobody can know. I never got a chance to play against those guys. I would have loved to have been able to do that. If you say I’m better than those guys, that’s your opinion. I accept that opinion, but if you ask me, I would never say I’m the best player in history, because I never got to play against those guys who represented the league before ».


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