Video: Kobe Bryant playing Bow Wow 1 on 1 | $1000 on the line

Bow Wow

This is hilarious… Bow Wow aka Lil Man lost $1000 dollars to Kobe Bryant during a one-on-one basketball game, while visiting Kobe’s basketball camp with Jermaine Dupri and friends.


Bow Wow had 10 points, and he needed only 1 point to beat Kobe Bryant.

It was a « great duel », between them and it was so funny to watch.

According to our friends at Pop Dust, Bow Wow tweeted “I just loss 1000$ to Kobe 1 on 1.”He also warned fellow West Coast pop star Chris Brown not to fall into the same trap he did. “Just talked to @chrisbrown he think he gone beat Kobe 1 on 1 i toldem “The Hype Is Real” Bro dont do it. I got a headache after i played em .”

Kobe donated money to his Campers, of course.

What do you think, if you have an opportunity to play against the NBA superstars – would you select to play against LeBron James, Kevin Durant or Kobe Bryant? Or maybe Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook or Kyrie Irving?

Ok, try to be honest… if you need only 1 point, how much money you will bet? 1000$ or maybe more?

I would like to watch more games like that. However, the NBA stars will use heights and weights to play in the post or using the post play & post moves, but you will have probably one or maybe two shots to win the game.

Or, if we can make a rule – without points in the post, it could be more interesting to watch and others will have more chances against the NBA superstars.


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