Vanessa’s special message to all Kobe Bryant fans


Vanessa Bryant is grateful to Kobe fans. More than a year after Kobe and Gianna Bryant disappeared in the terrible accident, the Mamba family is rebuilding and enjoying a great support to move forward. In gratitude, Vanessa Bryant has just sent a special message for all her fans.


After the immense psychological shock and grief caused by the disappearances of Kobe and Gianna Bryant, Vanessa does not stop fighting to clarify all the circumstances of the drama. In addition, the wife of the legendary No. 24 has also embarked on a legal battle to punish some despicable behavior of the authorities after the accident.

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In addition to these always painful steps, she does not forget to enjoy her daughters and their achievements. The eldest daughter, Natalia, has had a string of good news and has even fulfilled a dream of her father Kobe. In addition, Vanessa took the time to thank all of the Mamba’s fans on Instagram, especially for their unwavering support for over a year.


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Dear Kobe Fans,

Thank you for the way you continue to honor and promote Mamba Mentality, and for supporting the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation, which continues the legacy of Kobe and Gianna.

Your support means more to me and my family than anything in the world.

Love to you,

Vanessa Bryant

The Mamba Sports Foundation, created by the former Lakers legend, aims to give a chance to young people through sports. Last year, some time after the tragedy, the widow of the #24 player renamed this organization Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation to also honor the memory of her daughter Gianna.

The cult that surrounds Kobe around the world is almost unparalleled, as the player has left his mark on several generations of fans. His famous mentality transcended the boundaries of sports and still inspires many to strive for their goals in any field. A notoriety that caused the emotion of millions of people in January 2020, the same people who continue to support the family many months after the tragedy.

Vanessa Bryant is very grateful to those who continue to carry on Kobe’s legacy, more than a year after his tragic death. A message that comes from the heart, and that will not fail to please the fans.



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