Trash talk: John Cusack reveals what Michael Jordan said to Kobe Bryant to make him laugh during their last confrontation (video)

Great fan of Michael Jordan and friend of the Bulls legend, actor John Cusack was in the front row on March 28, 2003 during the very last game between MJ and Kobe Bryant at Staples Center. This game gave rise to a very nice moment between the two legends.


Close to the scene, Cusack recalls in detail what happened and especially what MJ said to the Black Mamba that made both of them burst out laughing. He recounted this during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

« Of course I remember it and I remember every game I saw Michael play in. When he came back to the Wizards I went to as many games as I could. In this game, everyone knew that at some point Michael and Kobe would go 1-on-1. Kobe gets the ball, he asks everyone to step aside and everyone starts to shudder, because it’s going to be Kobe vs Michael. Kobe starts to drive, Michael positions himself right in front of him and right in front of me, and causes the power pass. He falls and Kobe stands over him. Michael looks at him and he says, ‘Everyone in this fucking room knew you weren’t going to make the pass!’ Kobe started laughing, both of them started laughing. Here’s what he said to him. » John Cusack

A last duel that turned into a Kobe Bryant festival, author of 55 points at 15/29 including a 9/13 three points for a victory of his 108-94. He had especially scored 42 points in the first half! That day Michael Jordan had scored 23 points.


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