Tiger Woods on the ‘GOAT’ debate: « LeBron James is a hybrid between Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson »

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods gives his takes on the debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James while praising the latter with a stellar comparison.


The ongoing debate about whether or not LeBron James has passed Michael Jordan as the greatest player of all time has ravaged the internet ever since his 3rd championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers. In all honesty, the ‘debate’ began well into his years with the Miami Heat but the idea was scoffed at.

With ‘The King’ having built up quite the extravagant resume in his 19 years in the league, it’s safe to say that his involvement in the ‘GOAT’ conversation is warranted. However, at a certain point, it’s great to appreciate players of two separate eras without meaningless comparisons.

Michael Jordan was the greatest to ever do it in many people’s eyes and that’s a great take to have. A smaller percentage of the population believes LeBron has surpassed him and if we’re being real, no, that is not an absurd thing to say.

Tiger Woods certainly believes that the two have had their own significant impacts on the game and appreciates their greatness without debating on who is greater.

Tiger Woods on Michael Jordan and LeBron James.
Tiger Woods is one of the most decorated golfers to have ever graced the game. He brought something new to the game and that was the element of power. His strength came from vigorous training for a sport that was merely seen as a leisurely pass-time.

So, when he talks about Michael Jordan and LeBron James, he knows exactly what it’s like to see athletes who bring something new and absolutely game-changing to the league.

Woods goes on to say that what makes a player/ athlete great is the duration of their greatness. This leads into him taking about LeBron James and his incredible longevity. When asked about the ‘GOAT’ debate, he gave both players their due flowers but claimed that the 4x champ was a hybrid between Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.

Considering the fact that he has developed a solid mid-range fadeaway, can dunk out of the gym, is a top 5 passer of all time, and is the only player with 30000+ points and 9000+ assists all-time, it’s safe to say that this comparison rings true on several levels.

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