“They don’t like LeBron James and Steph Curry being GOATs!”: Draymond Green livid at Warriors and Lakers legends being pitted against one another

Draymond Green claims that both Steph Curry and LeBron James should be mentioned together as GOATs, but ‘they’ don’t understand.


The Golden State Warriors made it to the NBA Finals before Kevin Durant could win more than a single Playoff series with the Brooklyn Nets. Steph Curry and company proved that barring injuries, they are still the team to beat in the Western Conference as Klay Thompson drained eight 3s to put the Mavs away in Game 5.

Curry, despite his poor shooting in Game 5, was named WCF MVP as its first ever recipient. This would mark the Warriors’ 6th trip to the NBA Finals in 8 years, with them winning 3 of their previous 5 trips. According to Draymond Green’s analysis of what’s transpiring out East, the Dubs will most likely play Boston in the promiseland.

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Amidst all the talk about how the Dubs are just as dominant now as they were back in the pre-Durant era in the mid-2010s, legacies have been brought. Many are claiming Steph Curry has already cemented himself as a top 19 player all-time while others believe he should enter the GOAT conversation.

Draymond Green has a few thoughts about all the talk surrounding his partner in crime.

Draymond Green on the noise surrounding Steph Curry.
The aforementioned stat about Steph Curry making 6 Finals in 8 years has been compared to LeBron James making 9 Finals in 10 years (only missing it in 2019). The comparison has led to fans saying James is being subjected to double standards as Curry gets praise for making these many Finals but ‘The King’ receives hate.

Draymond Green, who is close friends with LeBron James and has been Curry’s teammate for a decade, stood up for both the future Hall-of-Famers.

According to Green, both Steph and Bron need to be appreciated and that the only reason the latter’s name was brought up was to showcase just how incredible of a run the Warriors have had since 2015.

Hating on the Warriors for making it to the Finals the very first year they have a healthy core since KD left goes to show that the hate is unwarranted and the person has let personal agendas get in the mix.


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