The Time Michael Jordan Trash Talked Kobe Bryant And Instantly Regratted It (video)

Michael Jordan

They are probably the two biggest psychopaths in the NBA world. We are talking about Jordan and Bryant. This story is known by all and knowing that it’s been 18 years since their last duel, it was necessary to go back in the memories. The two teams, the Lakers and the Wizards, met a few months earlier.


Washington wins and Jordan makes a big mistake, he goes to tease Kobe Bryant. He slaps him on the buttocks and tells him « You can put on my shoes but you can never walk in my footsteps… »

Kobe Bryant reportedly didn’t talk to his teammates for about two weeks. He was on a mission and Phil Jackson is questioned by his players who ask him if the Mamba is upset with them. Their coach tells what happened in Washington.

All the players had understood that Kobe had surrounded the date of March 28, 2003 and that he was going to reduce Michael to nothing. Bryant will be hot like he has never been before. 42 points in one half, there is no more game, he finishes at 55 points. The mental in sport is much more important than the physical, the stats, we will never say it enough …


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