The time Kobe trash-talked so much that LeBron told him to calm down (video)


A true basketball legend, Kobe Bryant was also great at getting into his opponent’s head. His trash-talking moments are among the best in history. One of them was so intense that LeBron James himself was forced to intervene!


If Kobe Bryant was known above all for his phenomenal scoring and his five championship titles, the Hall of Famer also had a sharp tongue on the floor. Never the last one to drop a murderous comment (and not only towards his opponents…), the former Lakers’ backcourt could be hellish in a game, disturbing his opponent with incessant jabs. A hell, we tell you…

Since the Olympic Games start in a few days, we can remember a moment of trash-talking very marked of the Mamba on the international scene. Opposed to Argentina at the 2008 Olympics, Kobe had then clashed with Luis Scola, interior with ten NBA seasons.

The exchange was done in both English and Spanish, and Kobe seemed so ready to fight that LeBron James had to put an end to it in a preventive way:


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