The game Kobe Bryant got his revenge on Dwyane Wade (video)

Kobe Bryant

Down by two with 3.2 seconds left, Kobe Bryant merely wanted to drive for a tying basket. His foot slipped when he got the ball, and Miami’s defense forced Bryant to throw up an off-balance 3-point shot that was well off target and far too long.


Yes, everything went wrong on the Los Angeles Lakers’ final possession.

Bryant somehow made it all right.

Bryant banked in his final shot over Dwyane Wade’s outstretched arm at the buzzer, ending the superstars’ sensational duel and sending the Lakers to their eighth straight victory, 108-107 over the Heat on Friday night.

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Bryant scored 33 points, but his falling bank shot from straightaway likely will rank among the most incredible highlights of his career — even if he refused to take too much credit for it.


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