The day Michael Jordan got into a fight with Reggie Miller (video)

Michael Jordan

You might recall the playoff battles between the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers in the late 1990s. But the mini rivalry actually began in 1993 when Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller got into a scuffle during the regular season.


Miller trailed a play and shoved Jordan near the baseline upon landing. Jordan then confronted Miller and the grappling began before each star’s teammates intervened to separate them. Years later Miller, who once said Jordan’s worst day was better than Kobe Bryant’s best, blamed Jordan for instigating the scuffle.

In the end, Miller misses his shot as he is expelled while Jordan will finish the game (40 pts, 9 rbds, 8 pds, 6 ints …) and allow the Bulls to win.

But the decision of the referees, not to expel Jordan, will create controversy, and finally the NBA will impose a game suspension and 10,000 dollars fine to the Bulls star who will miss the clash against the Knicks.

As for Miller, he will get away with a fine of 6000 dollars.


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