Stephen Jackson Preaches That LeBron James Hasn’t Passed Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan

Stephen Jackson

The series premiere of “The Last Dance” has encouraged many to offer their take on who they think the greatest NBA player ever is.


Three players who are always mentioned in the debate are Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

Former NBA forward Stephen Jackson recently took to social media to say that while James is undoubtedly amongst the greats, he has not surpassed Bryant or Jordan.

“Bron is the best all-around player we’ve ever seen, but he hasn’t passed Kobe or Jordan.”

– Stephen Jackson

— NBA Central (@TheNBACentral) April 20, 2020

While Jackson acknowledged that James is the best all-around player ever in his opinion, he also said that he believes James hasn’t surpassed Bryant or Jordan because of how many times he has lost in the NBA Finals.

“Being undefeated means something,” he said. “Everybody can’t say that. 98 percent of the people who play sports can’t say that.”

Jordan enjoyed a 6-0 record in the NBA Finals in his career. Bryant went 5-2 in his career. As for James, he’s 3-5 so far in his NBA Finals appearances.

Surely, James is hoping to bring his career NBA Finals record up to 4-6 this season. He and the Lakers seemed well on their way to winning a title prior to the league shutdown last month.

One interesting thing that Jackson did not touch on is whether or not he believes James could surpass Bryant or Jordan if he wins more rings.

At 35 years old, James is certainly running out of time to tie either player.

With that being said, there is no doubt that he will certainly be considered amongst the league’s very best when he does finally decides to call it a career.


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