Stephen Curry: « When I got to the NBA, Kobe Bryant was the guy whose moves we imitated » (Video)

A week after the death of Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, who was present at the loss of his team against the Celtics, spoke for the first time on TV.


« There’s a lot that could be said about what Kobe represented in basketball, on and off the court. And also you see the videos, the way he would hug and kiss his kids every chance he got, how he shared his career with them, how he loved them… This whole situation sucks and we think very hard about his family having to deal with this. We try to support them, as much as we can. But it hurts as a father to know he’s leaving a hole behind. It hurts for Gianna too. The NBA family but also the world in general hurts. The hardest part about this week is that we don’t really know what to remember. When I first came to the NBA, he was the guy we analyzed, whose moves we imitated on the court. When he was on TV, you wanted to watch and focus on what he was doing. He was trying to be one of the greats and that was impressive. I remember the first game against him in the preseason of my rookie year. It was an incredible moment. We’re wondering why he meant so much to us. He had a presence that made us realize how important basketball was to us and he took basketball to new heights, we’re all going to remember that. » Stephen Curry.


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