Skip Bayless: « The Fact That LeBron James Wants To Play With Michael Jordan Disqualifies Him From The GOAT Debate »

Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless has found another argument against LeBron James and his GOAT title. The GOAT debate has been hotter than ever in recent weeks after Michael Jordan’s docu-series ‘The Last Dance’ aired last April 19. The obvious comparisons are between LeBron and MJ, with a lot of people giving their opinion on that matter.


Bayless, who happens to be a Jordan superfan, is always trying to play down the narrative that LeBron has a chance to be called the ‘GOAT’ and he found another reason to back up his words. James recently admitted he would’ve loved to play with Jordan, but also competing against him. Bayless agreed with that, saying both players would benefit from each other due to their styles of play.

“I completely and utterly agree with LeBron … You’ve got LeBron, whose nature is to pass first, and you’ve got what LeBron said is the all-time assassin, a man who attacked you to score the basketball … LeBron is more of a facilitator and he would have gone with MJ’s flow, especially if you get him as a younger player … [LeBron] would be the B-side to the alpha.”

Now, Bayless took the opportunity to make the case against LeBron in the GOAT debate, saying LeBron is ‘disqualified’ from the conversation since MJ would never admit he’d like to play any player.

“The mere fact that LeBron would acknowledge wanting to play with Jordan disqualifies him from the GOAT debate. There’s no way Michael Jordan would ever acknowledge that he would want to play with LeBron. Jordan didn’t want to play with anybody,” he said on Undisputed.

He’d double down his comments, saying Bron is more of a sidekick instead of a leader.

« LeBron is showing you who he is: he’s proving he has a lot of Robin in him. He is not the all-time alpha male that Michael Jordan was, » Bayless wrote on Twitter.

Surprisingly, Bayless agreed with James on one thing, but that didn’t mean the host wouldn’t come after the Lakers star for his words. Skip never misses a chance to attack LeBron. He just can’t stop.

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