Skip Bayless: « Right now, Michael Jordan, 59, would beat LeBron James, 37 »

Michael Jordan

The debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron can sometimes take on quite ridiculous proportions. A famous analyst is the perfect example, since he proclaimed loud and clear that the former Bull could beat the Chosen One… in 1-vs-1, at almost 60 years old. It’s a bit overdone…


A priori, we will never have a unanimous opinion on the debate of the GOAT, the respective camps of LeBron James and Michael Jordan defending tooth and nail their candidate. Some fans of the Chicago back even push the delirium even further, saying that even in retirement, the latter would be unable to lose in one against one against the four-time champion. Ask Skip Bayless, who gave such a speech on Fox Sports recently :

Skip Bayless defends (again) Michael Jordan against LeBron

Michael Jordan looked in top form at All-Star Weekend. It seemed to me that he could still play, even though he turned 59 on February 17. I still believe that if LeBron had dared to approach Michael after the game, telling him that he was old, I believe that Michael would have replied, « Okay, what if you and I go there once the arena would have emptied. Let’s go. You and me. Face to face. Here and now « .

Could Michael hold on? He’s going to be 60 against LeBron at 37? LeBron is showing his age. He can no longer carry a team. I still believe that Michael Jeffrey Jordan, even today, would find a way to beat LeBron with just a killer will. I don’t think LeBron has it. Michael keeps proving he still has it.

The analyst has been known to be a staunch critic of the Chosen One for years, jumping at any opportunity to calm down that it is inferior to His Airness. He therefore does not hesitate to shoot the winger with each defeat of the Lakers, and there are many of them at the moment (27-33, 9ᵉ in the West)… Nevertheless, in this case, the argument that he uses is still quite ridiculous.

Indeed, it is obvious that MJ no longer has the physical condition to compete with the King, even if he appears to be in rather good shape lately. James indeed presents an extraordinary athletic level despite his 37 years, still showing himself as capable of dominating physically even if he begins to injure himself more and more frequently. Playing the former Cavs at the post would not be a cakewalk for the former Taurus…


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