Shaq claims that Kobe is being disrespected in the LeBron vs. Jordan debate


It doesn’t matter who you ask — every basketball fan, player or coach has an opinion on the LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan debate. Instead of living in the moment and appreciating a historic basketball career, many fans feel the obligation to compare players across generations in a never-ending debate about who is the GOAT.


The debate seemingly comes up multiple times a year with LeBron and Jordan being the consensus top 2 players.

Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t even agree with that.

In a recent feature from Bleacher Report, Shaq stood up for his former Lakers teammate and said that it’s a sign of disrespect for LeBron to jump Kobe Bryant in the GOAT conversation.

Shaq said via Bleacher Report

“I find it quite disrespectful that they don’t bring Kobe’s name up,” he says of his onetime teammate and rival. “That kind of pisses me off how they just skip over him and say, ‘LeBron.’ I don’t understand that. Because I was there with him, and he was a bad mother(expletive), too.”

Here we go again.

Shaq ultimately said that he’d rank Michael Jordan as the GOAT. On the other hand, Kobe said he would have picked LeBron over Shaq for the 2005 All-Star captain. So, there’s that.


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