Shannon Sharpe Said An Intruder Threatened To Shoot Him If He Called LeBron James The GOAT: “I Ain’t Afraid To Die. I’ll Go Meet My Maker.”

It’s not a secret that Shannon Sharpe is always ready to defend LeBron James no matter who’s arguing with him and what points the other person is making. The former NFL player-turned-analyst doesn’t hesitate to make a case for The King and is willing to put his own life on that.


Shannon recently revealed that when somebody broke into his house and asked him who the NBA GOAT was he didn’t hesitate and gave a clear answer, even after being threatened by that person. Sharpe has been making headlines with his interesting stories recently, and this one won’t be the exception.

Talking with Skip Bayless, arguably LeBron James’ biggest hater on earth, the 3x Super Bowl champion recalled the time an intruder pulled a gun to his head and asked him the big question, but Shannon wouldn’t lie, even if that means he’d lose his life.

« Skip Bayless, LeBron James is the GOAT. Do you understand that? Big « G, » big « O, » big « A, » big « T. » G.O.A.T. That’s what LeBron is: big GOAT. Ain’t nobody in front of him, stop asking me that. »

Sharpe: « True story, somebody broke into my house, pulled a gun to my head and said, ‘who’s the GOAT?’ LeBron James. »

Intruder: « If you say LeBron James one more time I’mma pull this trigger. »

Sharpe: « It’s Goat James! I ain’t afraid to die! I’ll go meet my maker, but I will tell the truth. »

Some men are willing to die for the truth and Sharpe is willing to do that for his. That’s how confident he is that LeBron is the undisputed NBA GOAT. The King has had an honored career, where he’s collected plenty of individual and collective awards while setting and breaking records.

He and Michael Jordan are often pitted against each other in these debates, and their fans will always make a case for each of them. Just like Shannon is passionate about Bron, Jordan’s fans are the same when it comes to His Airness. Things are so intense that somebody was willing to kill the analyst and he would have accepted his fate without any issues.

The GOAT debate remains a hot topic around the league and many folks are ready to defend their points of view no matter what.

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