Shaken, Vanessa Bryant borders on drama (pictures)

Vanessa Bryant has undoubtedly had one of the fears of her life in recent hours … Indeed, while she spent a day a priori like the others, she was the victim of a rather rare incident … Result, she came close to the drama behind the wheel of his beautiful car!


Definitely, it is not good to drive in Los Angeles in this year 2021… Indeed, several personalities of the NBA microcosm have had some incidents on the roads of the City of the Angels, starting with a furious Anthony Davis after a small collision. Then it was his teammate Ben McLemore who found himself in a wall following the play-in meeting with the Warriors …

If the full-back found a crazy enough excuse to justify going off the road, Vanessa Bryant was unlucky. Indeed, during a visibly innocuous trip, Kobe’s widow came close to drama at the wheel of her Rolls Royce. She shared some chilling photos on social media.

« Glad to have reached the gas station … The low pressure indicator came on when I passed a forest fire. »

« My angles got me to the gas station safely »

While on the move, Vanessa Bryant saw one of her tires explode! An accident that could have turned out to be dramatic if she were launched at full speed on the motorway, for example … And when you know the tragic history of her family, you can understand all her concern at this disemboweled wheel!

Fortunately, more fear than harm for the mother and her Rolls Royce as she was able to reach the gas station safe and sound. As she says so rightly, a certain Mamba must have followed the scene with particular attention… Vanessa’s guardian angels have worked well to avoid the tragedy.


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