Scottie Pippen snubs Michael Jordan, calls himself the Bulls’ GOAT in funny ad on memories with James Harden

Scottie Pippen

The Houston Rockets red has been graced by many an NBA superstar.


Three of the most illustrious names to have adorned Houston red are James Harden, Scottie Pippen and Charles Barkley. While none of them hold a candle to the achievements of Hakeem Olajuwon in Houston, the trio spent part of their successful careers there.

James Harden comes close, having carried the load of the Houston offense for close to a decade. Harden spent time building a contender who albeit never won a ring. The Beard made his name and became a perennial MVP candidate during his time with the Rockets.

Charles Barkley and Scottie Pippen on the other hand joined Olajuwon’s Rockets towards the fag ends of their careers. Barkley was hell-bent on getting himself that elusive ring while Pippen just needed the bag.

What happened when these three swashbuckling perennial NBA all-stars joined forces for an ad film? Utter entertainment.

What did the three stars team up for in an ad film and how did it turn out?

The three superstars represented the culture set by Footlocker in the world of American sports. Footlocker is often considered part and parcel of NBA culture and is a widely celebrated brand.

They must have spent quite the bomb to get three stars of this magnitude together for an advert. The advert shows Harden approaching Chuck for advice on a fresh start, at a party.

While marketing Footlocker, Barkley also gives a piece of advice to Harden – to have a short memory. A confused Harden (with some incredulous acting) is then introduced to the idea further by Chuck. With some help from Scottie Pippen.

As per the ad, Chuck never had a bad game, throwing a fan off a window or being called “The Round Mound of Rebound”. Scottie adds to Chuck’s philosophy by contributing the highlight of the ad – “I’m the greatest Chicago Bull of all time”.

While the ad is gimmicky and filled with horrible acting, there is truth in the ad. Harden could use some denial while recollecting his playoff chokes to go into the next season with a fresh, clear head.

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