“Scottie Pippen made MJ achieve all those things” Jason Williams picks LeBron James ahead of Michael Jordan in GOAT debate

LeBron James

Jason Williams considers LeBron James as more of a team player and picks him ahead of Michael Jordan in GOAT Debate. Here are his views on the same.


The GOAT debate has moreover the same 2 players topping the chart, LeBron James and Michael Jordan. While many prefer Michael Jordan as the epitome of Basketball, there are very few supporting LeBron James’ claim for the GOAT title. Statistically, both stars are stacked with records and have won multiple accolades over the years of basketball. Michael Jordan might have retired from active NBA action, but some of his achievements are still intact. With James entering his 20th season, he might win another ring and make the race closer before his career ends. However, some fans, analysts, and former players believe he has already surpassed Jordan.

Former NBA Champion Jason Williams is certainly one who supports LeBron James in GOAT debate. He played from 1998 to 2011 and got a chance to play against both stars. On his show – The Jason Williams Show, he recently picked his greatest player of all time.

He speaks volumes about LeBron while maintaining respect for His Airness. He compared two megastars “out-of” stat-sheet, and more as a player. Let us check on his comments and assessment of the James-Jordan comparison.

Jason Williams sees a complete player in LeBron James than Michael Jordan.

Both players in the discussion have accomplished much more than many stars in the league. While Michael Jordan has better average stats, LeBron James also is not far behind, rather climbing up fast on every stat ladder. But Jason Williams put stats aside and sees both individuals as a player.

He commented, “For sure, as close as it can be between anybody. I’m picking LeBron. Bro, I mean, I’m never going to change. … I’m not a big stat guy. I mean, I think it matters a little bit, but I just look at you as a player. … I don’t really look at championships rings like that.”

Michael Jordan won six championships and never lost in the NBA Finals. He also led the league in scoring in 10 different seasons in a 15-year career. He was dominant on the defensive end also, making 9 selections in 1st all NBA defensive teams, and won even won the defensive player of the year award, which sounds unbelievable for any athlete. 5-time MVP and 6-time Finals MVP winner Jordan has certainly commanded the league during his era.

However, Jason Williams doesn’t think this is enough to put him over LeBron James. “Jordan don’t get those rings without Pippen. Pippen don’t get the rings without Jordan. … It takes a team,” Williams said about winning multiple titles.

Interestingly 4-time NBA Champion LeBron James has also had superstar teammates. In fact, he moved to Miami to win a title, and later with Kyrie and Kevin Love delivered 1st title for Cleveland. It is also said that LeBron pulls strings behind the scene to get players of his liking, helping him to win titles; which MJ never had done in past.

LBJ fan Williams believes that James can do more things on the basketball court than Jordan. While they are both amazing scorers, James is a much better ball distributor than the Chicago Bulls legend. 46-year-old former NBA Star said, “I think LeBron could do more as a basketball player, like handle the ball, pass the ball, you know, just stuff like that. But that’s not to say Jordan couldn’t do some things better than LeBron could do. I just think LeBron could do more things better.”

“I like the way LeBron plays the game, as a team guy, more so than MJ did,” Williams said. “But if I need a win tonight or I need a bucket right now, I’m taking MJ. But as a player, I’m taking LeBron.”

Williams also pointed out that James is a team guy, while Michael Jordan would take things into his hand in adversity. LeBron James doesn’t mind sharing the ball if he is getting double- or triple-teamed, on the other hand, Jordan would take the last shot even with multiple defenders on him, according to Williams. Though he ended his comparison by praising Jordan’s performance in the clutch, Williams still thinks James is a more complete player.

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