Scottie Pippen: ‘LeBron’s game is more like mine but I’m never mentioned in the comparisons’

Scottie Pippen

The GOAT debate has set the US ablaze: Would LeBron James be more dominant than Michael Jordan? On the Web, the pro and anti have shot each other with stats and records … In the end, the question is a bottomless pit. In the game of comparisons, Magic Johnson is also often invited in the discussions. And if, finally, the legendary player most similar to the four-time MVP and double champion was none other than Scottie Pippen?


The Hall of Famer himself suggests it, in an interview with the Plain Dealer.

« I was LeBron James before LeBron James… He’s often compared to the best of all time, whether it’s Magic or Michael. It’s natural to think that but if you look at his game and mine, you’ll see a lot more similarities. Yet, I’m never quoted in the comparisons. »

However, LeBron James often repeated that he had observed a lot the former Bulls’ winger to get inspired by him. Able to raise the ball, distribute the game and the following sequence of post in 4, Scottie Pippen could indeed give ideas to the King, the physical power in less.

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