Scottie Pippen: « LeBron James is not the player Michael Jordan was, he’s not even what Kobe Bryant was »

Scottie Pippen

Alongside Stephen A. Smith on the set of First Take (ESPN), Scottie Pippen discussed « clutch gene » about the Michael Jordan – LeBron James comparison (a comparison he himself deemed unfair moments earlier, explaining that the two players were different and did not play the same position).


« When I look at LeBron, he’s not the player that Michael was. He’s not even what Kobe Bryant was. So when you talk about comparing what Michael’s instincts were, his ability to take control of a game, his willingness to get the last shot, LeBron doesn’t have that gene. It’s not in him. Kobe has that gene. I see it a little bit in Paul George, Kawhi, Westbrook. I watched LeBron the other night, the game was on the line, and he was making little to no effort to go get the ball. Now we’re talking about clutch gene. I’m not saying he doesn’t know how to win, that he doesn’t want to have the ball in his hands at that point, but players who have that clutch gene, they’re going to go get that ball. And a lot of players don’t have that clutch gene, and even the opportunity to develop that clutch gene. » Scottie Pippen


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