Scottie Pippen gives his opinion on the Jordan-James debate: « The comparisons are unfair »

Scottie Pippen

The eternal LeBron James-Michael Jordan debate will oppose fans of both clans for many years to come. But between the two, there are those who believe that the comparison is irrelevant. This is the case of Scottie Pippen.


Present at the Warriors’ training center to answer a series of questions, Scottie Pippen had to give his opinion on THE fundamental question. Who of Michael Jordan or LeBron James is the best player in history? Before answering, the former player even took the opportunity to validate the comparison between him and Andre Iguodala.

To return to the main topic, Pippen refuses to oppose the two players. According to him James and Jordan did not have the same usefulness in their respective teams through two very different eras.

« The comparison is irrelevant. Michael Jordan played in a time when the game was different. The rules were different compared to today. LeBron plays a different role than Jordan. Michael was never asked to do what LeBron James is doing now for the Cavs. He had an inferior role. That explains the fact that James’ stats are better. » S.Pippen via Mercury News

Scottie Pippen also insists on the fact that the two players did not play the same positions. Finally, according to him, the best player in history is neither Jordan nor LeBron James.

« The comparisons are unfair whether it’s James or Jordan. They play two different positions. The former is considered a wingman while the latter is a back. They are both the best players of their time. But to say who is the best? We will never know. For me the best player in history is still Wilt Chamberlain. So these two players should not be compared. It doesn’t make sense. It’s like if you compare Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar) and me. It wouldn’t be fair. »

Despite not taking a stand, Pippen won’t make the debate go away. But it’s clear there are too many factors preventing a fair comparison. LeBron James and Michael Jordan are two great players in NBA history period.



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