Scottie Pippen explains why Kobe was a better outside shooter than Michael Jordan (video)

While it is clear that Michael Jordan is one of the greatest to ever step foot into a basketball court, there are a few others who can come close to touching his greatness. Kobe Bryant is certainly one among them. The mamba played for 20-years in purple and gold and won five championships with the Los Angeles Lakers.


While MJ has one more ring compared to Kobe, there is no doubt that these two made people enjoy the game. Jordan had Scottie Pippen alongside him during the course of the Bulls’ domination in the NBA. Though Kobe and Shaq were a devastating duo, their differences tore them apart.

Scottie Pippen was the perfect partner Jordan could have ever asked for. He was the Robin to Jordan’s Batman. Their combination was exemplary. However, Pippen after playing alongside ‘His Airness’ for about 11 years, had some doubt in his shooting skills.

Scottie thinks there is no way Michael Jordan could have outshot Kobe Bryant
NBA Legends, Scottie Pippen and Tracy McGrady made an appearance on ESPN’s ‘The Jump,’ about three years ago. The main topic of discussion revolved around Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

At one point Scottie said, “There’s no way MJ could outshoot Kobe.” This made people go crazy. McGrady was blown out of his mind. He never thought these words would come out of someone’s mouth. Given the fact that Pippen and MJ played together for so many years, this was out of the blue.

McGrady went against his comment and said how Kobe shoots more from outside the arc, while Michael Jordan mixed it up inside the two-point zone. Pippen was not convinced and further said, “Kobe thrills me like Steph Curry thrills people in today’s game.”

Scottie further went and explained how Kobe was a better outside shooter than MJ to which McGrady nodded his approval. Jordan was more multi-dimensional whereas his protege was more of a shooter.


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