Scottie Pippen attacks MJ again: « Michael Jordan ruined basketball ».

In a new excerpt from his book, Scottie Pippen continues to settle scores with Michael Jordan using LeBron James.


Scottie Pippen has obviously talked a lot about Michael Jordan in his book. In recent weeks, excerpts from the book Unguarded have leaked to the press. And they all have one thing in common: they aim to denigrate His Airness.

A way for the former Chicago Bulls player to settle accounts with his ex-teammate. And to ensure a real buzz around the release of his book. In a new passage, Pippen stung MJ again by using LeBron James.

« I could go so far as to say Mike ruined basketball. In the 80’s, on the court, everyone was passing the ball, making passes to help the team. Then that stopped in the 90s.

Kids wanted to be ‘like Mike’. Well, Mike didn’t want to pass, he didn’t want to move for rebounds, or defend against the best player. So he wanted everything done for him.

That’s why I always thought LeBron James was the best player this game has ever seen – he does everything and embodies what the game is really about, » Scottie Pippen judged.

It was known that Pippen had a bad experience with the documentary The Last Dance. He had regretted the version told in the glory of Jordan. And obviously, to rebalance things, he decided to light it throughout his book.


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