Scottie Pipen: « Jordan would never have become a superstar without me »

It’s no secret that Scottie Pippen felt neglected during his time with the Chicago Bulls, which he spent largely playing in Michael Jordan’s shadow.


Now, the Hall-of-Famer is counting down with his time with the Bulls, and the boy is holding nothing back. In his new book Unguarded, excerpts of which were published by the New York Post, Pippen discusses the Jordan the Bulls franchise and the landmark documentary series The Last Dance, which he says put Jordan on a pedestal. Pippen writes that Jordan « never would have become » a superstar « without me, » and that he was better at being part of a team than Michael.

He also writes that he and Jordan never had a close friendship. « Michael and I are not close and never have been, » Pippen explains in the book.

As for his complaints The Last Dance, Pippen laments that Jordan earned millions for being the leader of the series, while the rest of his teammates received nothing. « Michael received $10 million for his role in the documentary while my teammates and I didn’t make a dime, another reminder of the old pecking order. For an entire season, we allowed the cameras into the sanctity of our locker rooms, our practices, our hotels, our huddles…our lives, » he wrote, per GQ.


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