Ron Harper: « LeBron should be compared to Oscar Robertson or Magic Johnson, not Jordan »

As the controversial GOAT debate grows, a former NBA champion has stepped up to the plate. He took the conversation in a different direction, and gave a fresh perspective!


In recent years, the question of who is the best player in history has centered around Michael Jordan and LeBron James. The two legends have each dominated their era and amassed countless trophies during their careers. Constantly compared, LBJ and MJ are at the center of a controversial discussion.

From now on, comparisons are made on and off the field. What to continue to feed an endless debate, a debate that does not please … Ron Harper. The five-time NBA champion, former teammate of Mike, surprised by mentioning LeBron. For him, the Lakers star should be compared to two other players:

People make the wrong comparison. When you look at LeBron, you think of Oscar Robertson or Magic Johnson, great point guards who could do everything. One thing that is not talked about enough for MJ is his defense. MJ was aggressive defensively, one of the best post 2 defenders in history.

We don’t talk about that aspect enough because everyone would rather talk about his ability to score on the other side of the court, but he was also a great defender on the man. So I don’t want to bring LeBron into this conversation with MJ. I’d rather compare LeBron to those big time point guards.

It’s rare to hear a player refuse to submit to the usual comparison between the two legends. For Jordan’s former teammate, LeBron can’t be compared to Mike because the two players have a completely different style of play. It is true that the King’s playmaking qualities make him a player closer to Magic and Robertson.

Harper would also like to point out MJ’s defense, which is not underestimated though, as His Airness won the DPOY in 1987-88 and was honored 9 times on the All-Defensive Team. He was also the season’s leading interceptor three times. LeBron has sometimes been criticized for his lack of investment, but he knows how to be a tough defender, he has the second highest individual defensive rating this season!


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