Ron Artest details the confrontation between LeBron ado and Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

Not long ago, a photo has agitated the web. A simple photo showing a young LeBron James, about 16 years old, and Michael Jordan, about 38, on the same field during a camp. After many speculations, Ron Artest, visibly present that day, gave some answers on the physiognomy of this « scrimmage ».


It is one of the greatest fantasies in the history of basketball: if Michael Jordan and LeBron James had one day faced each other at their prime, who would have taken over the other? At first glance, it seems like a dream, but contrary to what we all thought, this confrontation did take place.

Neither of them were at their prime, but the mere idea of these two legends on the same floor sent the web into a frenzy this week, when the Throwbakc Hoops account posted the photo below.

LeBron was strong… At 15, he was already a killer! But nobody could compete with Michael Jordan at that age. MJ was killing everyone. He would have averaged 35 points if he hadn’t broken his ribs. Here he was shooting 25 points, and he had to stop 3 months later to heal himself… At 38 years old !

But LeBron was also very strong. Definitely very strong. I remember him very well, he was already imposing and physically strong. Nobody could defend on him. So there you have it, in that gameup, LeBron was playing well.

Metta World Peace gave the answer that will satisfy everyone. MJ’s fans can brag that even at 35 years old, he was still stepping on the competition, and LeBron’s fans can congratulate him for holding his own against the man many consider the GOAT.



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