Pop Smoke: his grave vandalized

Pop Smoke

Guys don’t have any respect anymore…


If there is one thing that is respected in rap, it is death. Being dead suddenly makes you blameless and almost holy, at least, no one will say anything bad about you once you’re in the grave. Moreover, it is even possible to become a legend after your death, like Notorious BIG, 2Pac, or more recently Pop Smoke, who died at the beginning of 2020 following a burglary in his new home. Shot dead, the Brooklyn gangsta rapper enjoyed an even greater aura once he died. But an aura obviously not enough to inspire respect to the young people of his home …

Indeed, we learned that the tomb of the New Yorker had been badly vandalized in the night of September 10 to 11. In view of the photos found on the American media, we can even say that it is almost destroyed. According to TMZ, the vandals would have even tried to remove the coffin from his grave, since marks on the ground suggest that they tried to pull it. Several items in the grave were scattered by the vandals. Some would have even tried to break into the grave.

We obviously send our strength to his family and relatives, who must be living a real moment of horror and disgust right now. The will of the vandals was probably to steal something precious, since we remember that the coffin of Pop Smoke was rather luxurious. We hope that there will be no more such facts and that Pop can finally rest in peace.


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