Paul Pierce Surprisingly Admits LeBron James Has Put Himself Alongside Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant

Paul Pierce

Ever since retiring from basketball, well actually long before that, Paul Pierce has a attracted attention with many controversial or even ridiculous takes on basketball topics.


Pierce and some of the old Celtics in general are notorious for taking shots and issuing negative comments about LeBron James whom they had intense battles with throughout their playing days.

But now, Pierce is surprisingly lauding James, admitting that he sees a similar skill set in him as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant possessed. Per NBC Boston:

“You know what I like, as LeBron’s gotten older he’s gone to the post a lot more. That’s what you saw with Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, when you get a little older you can’t be on the ball as much. That’s just true signs of greatness, that he can change his game up and find other ways to be effective.”


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