One Of Kobe Bryant’s Biggest Regrets Is That He And MJ Didn’t Play In Their Prime Together: « I Would Have Eaten Him Up. »

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant was widely perceived as the « second coming » of Michael Jordan. And while Jordan’s resume sticks out in a few categories, it remains true that there hasn’t been anyone to resemble him more closely.


And, just like Joran, Bryant had all the confidence and swagger in the world. In fact, as he once told Stephen A. Smith, his biggest regret was not being able to smoke Jordan while they were both in their prime.

“I remember when Kobe and I talked one time and Kobe is like, ‘one of the biggest regrets I have is that Michael and I didn’t play we weren’t in our primes together.‘”

“He said, ‘I’d ate him up I’d ate him up’ and I laughed and um he said, ‘I’m not playing, I’m serious. I would’ve eaten him up, he knows ask him. Ask him, I told him that’”

Apparently, Kobe even told Jordan this to his face. Though, we don’t know what MJ’s undoubtedly epic response was.

Between their competitive spirit, relentless nature, and unbridled skillset, a faceoff between these two superstars at their best would have been must-see tv. Instead, we’ll have to leave that scenario to our imagination and cherish the footage we do have of the two sharing the court together.


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