Olympic Games: Pau Gasol always inspired by the memory of Kobe Bryant

Pau Gasol will play in the next few days the fifth Olympic Games of his superb career. An already huge achievement, but it becomes even more important when you remember that the Spanish legend, 41 years old, has been plagued by injuries for two years.


He was not far from a forced retirement, by the small door, which would have been cruel for such a player. During this complicated period, Pau Gasol was also affected by the brutal death of Kobe Bryant, on January 26, 2020.

To get out of these long and very difficult months to go through, the two-time champion has rightly relied on the memory of the former Lakers icon.

« Very often, I kept him in mind. During my rehabilitation, he was always very present, » says Pau Gasol to USA Today. « I thought Kobe would push himself. He wouldn’t take this practice or that practice lightly or skip it. He would have been very disciplined, very committed to his work. He would push himself to the limit, despite the injuries and pain. He remains an important presence for me, an inspiration and motivation in my life. »

So much so that the former interior of Los Angeles or Memphis imitated Kobe Bryant to document his rehabilitation after his operations and his change of continent, between the NBA and his return to Spain.

« Untitled Pau Gasol docuseries » is clearly modeled after Kobe Bryant’s 2015 film « Muse, » in which he tells his story after his ruptured Achilles tendon and shoulder injury.

« What he tried to do is share his knowledge and why not inspire others with their own story, » compares Pau Gasol. « That’s also what we tried to do with my documentary. Tell what I do, what I face, what I live with my family and my team. I hope it inspires or motivates. »


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