Not Michael Jordan, not LeBron James: Kobe Bryant picked the most indefensible player in the NBA

Kobe Bryant

The memory and legacy of Kobe Bryant is eternal in the NBA and it will never be a bad time to remember the Los Angeles Lakers legend’s concepts about the best basketball in the world. In the discussion about who is the most indefensible player, ‘The Black Mamba’ dictated sentence.


A few days ago, Bolavip presented the 10 most indefensible players according to the experts, but he went further and no one better to give his opinion on the subject than Kobe. Despite playing against great NBA players like Michael Jordan and LeBron James, Bryant chose another player as the most difficult to defend.

It is none other than Kevin Durant. Kobe faced the Brooklyn Nets star 25 times and won 14 times and lost 11. Bryant’s average per game when he played against KD was 25.4 points, 4.6 rebounds and 5.3 assists with 44% shooting from the field.

« Kevin Durant. That was the one I retired without really being able to figure out what he is, how can I stop him. When he first came into the league, he was easy to defend because he couldn’t go good and shoot. He shot a little bit in his face, so that was a weakness he had. Also, in the post, I couldn’t bend my left shoulder, everything was on my right shoulder and that gave me areas that I could close out, » Kobe Bryant said of the most indefensible player.

According to Kobe Bryant, the toughest player to defend in the NBA is Kevin Durant.
Kobe Bryant played eight games against Michael Jordan and beat him five times, while he faced LeBron James 22 times and only beat him six times. However, the Lakers legend did not play against the most indefensible player in these duels because that distinction was given to Kevin Durant.

« He can pull up to left, he can pull up, he can throw the long ball, he’s got runners, left-handed, right-handed. Before he had a left-handed finish at the rim, he could always send it to the left, force it all the way to the basket, even with the advantages of also still being uncomfortable finishing left-handed so he could hold his right hand. So I retired not being able to figure it out, » Kobe Bryant said about how difficult it was to defend Kevin Durant in an interview with Alex Rodriguez.


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