« No one has dominated like this »: Metta World Peace chooses Bill Russell over Michael Jordan as GOAT

Metta World Peace had a long 15-year career in the NBA and collected numerous honors during that time, including an All-NBA All-Star selection, Defensive Player of the Year award, four All-Defense team selections and an All-Defense. -Star experience as well. But his most valuable moments would probably be playing with some of the best players in the league, including LeBron James. However, when asked if he considered Bron or Michael Jordan the GOAT or not, Ron-Artest had a completely different answer.


Bill Russell leading Michael Jordan and LeBron James?

The GOAT debate has always been a fierce one. While the most common names at the top of this list are Michael Jordan and LeBron James, it can also vary from person to person.

So when Metta was asked what he thought about LeBron being the greatest of all time, he took two very different names.

« I think Bill Russell is, honestly, » he said flatly. « Bill Russell won 11 championships. »

Whenever this debate is sparked, the argument that comes up is that players from different generations can’t be compared. However, Metta has a different opinion on the matter.

« I consider Michael to be one of the greatest. But I think Bill Russell is the greatest. When you can win in your time… That’s what it’s all about. Winning in your time. And nobody dominated like that. Not even Michael Jordan.

Shaquille O’Neal also joins the GOAT debate

In fact, Metta didn’t stop there either. No, he didn’t name Kobe Bryant, but rather his all-time rival Shaquille O’Neal. He said, « Shaq is also someone who I think is one of the greatest players of all time. Because nobody in the world could stop Shaq.

He referred to the Avengers and said, « Not even Thanos. Even he probably would have had a problem with Shaq.

Many people include the number of championships as a valid argument to call someone a GOAT like Metta did. However, a title shouldn’t be the only thing that determines which player is great. But if you had to choose among these, who would it be and why?


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