“No I’m not coming to the Lakers!”: Michael Jordan once hilariously refused to entertain the possibility of winning it all with anyone but the Chicago Bulls (video)

Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan was once asked if he ever wanted to win a championship elsewhere, and his retort was hilarious.


Man, Michael Jordan will always be legendary in more ways than one.

Of course, at this point, every NBA fan has at least an idea of how great he was on the court. But even when he was off it, His Airness was iconic in so many ways. His drive, dogged mentality, and even consideration for his teammates are so incredible, they have even brought some in the NBA community to tears.

We may one day have a player better than the Chicago Bulls legend, heck LeBron James is closer to that than many would like to give him credit for. But, quite simply, there will never be another player Like Mike.

Of course, one of the things that made him so unique was his loyalty and love for the city of Chicago. And, as if the clips we have seen of prime MJ weren’t enough already, recently another surfaced that all fans of Michael Jordan would love to see.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

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“No I’m not coming to LA”: Michael Jordan once hilariously turned down the possibility of winning with another team

For NBA players, sometimes, it can be all about the big markets. The big cities, tall skyscrapers, and the packed arenas on any given night. However, unlike some of the players that gave in to the allure of all of this, Michael Jordan, it seems, wanted no part of it.

Don’t believe us? Watch the clip in the tweet below.

Now we must say one thing. Of course, Michael Jordan played in packed arenas as well in Chicago. But with that city, he had to earn it more than it being something granted to him easily.

Overall, though, it showed the loyalty not only His Airness possessed, but rather most star players had in that era.

Now, of course, we are all for player empowerment today. But man, has basketball changed. But, it just seems that the legacy of MJ never will.


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