Nick Young: « I told Kobe ‘No one in the world can defend on me,’ he said ‘I’m not from this world' »

Nick Young

On December 11, 2014, tired of carrying the Lakers at arm’s length and angry at the level displayed by his teammates in practice, Kobe Bryant had given them a bad time. Among them Nick Young, who remembers having launched a small challenge 1 against 1 to the boss.


« Kobe wanted to test us, Jeremy Lin, me, Wesley Johnson and other guys. Right at the beginning of practice he was killing Jeremy Lin. He would say, ‘I don’t know why we signed him, why is he here? He had a good season, that’s it! He was like, ‘You guys are as soft as Charmin! That’s when I told Kobe, ‘Defend on me instead! He was defending on Jeremy Lin. I told him ‘No one in the world can defend on me’ and he said ‘I’m not from this world’. » Nick Young

The next day his team won a 7th victory in 23 games after overtime in San Antonio, with an excellent Nick Young (29 points at 9/14 including the 3-pointer to go ahead in the last seconds) coming off the bench.


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