NBA Twitter Didn’t Like That Derek Fisher Was Sitting With Vanessa Bryant At WNBA All-Star Game

A couple of years ago, shortly after Matt Barnes’ divorce from his ex-wife Gloria Govan, Govan started dating Derek Fisher, which led to Barnes beating up Fisher.


Back then, other NBA players (familiar with Fisher) stopped trusting him and many saw this as a possible explanation why he hasn’t gotten another opportunity as an NBA head, or assistant coach, leading to him moving to the WNBA, where he serves as the head coach and the general manager for the Los Angeles Sparks.

Then, this past Wednesday, Fisher obviously was at the WNBA All-Star Game, in which Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna were honored. Vanessa Bryant and her family also were there for the festivities, and sat next to Derrick Fisher.

The two have obviously know each other for a long time, ever since Kobe and Derek were Lakers teammates, but given Fisher’s reputation for trying to sleep with everyone’s wife, NBA Twitter quickly assumed the worst.


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