NBA – « ‘Organized gang’ in an NBA hall, I wasn’t ready « 

The year 2021 starts very very strong: the song  » Bande Organisée  » by Jul, Sch and the whole Bouches-du-Rhône clique was heard… in an NBA hall. Never seen before in history.


While the year 2021 has just come to an end, the league is already in shock: « Bande Organisée » by Sch, Kofs, Jul, Naps, Soso maness, the song of the Marseille team with 230 million views on Youtube, has been broadcast…. in an NBA room! No, this is absolutely not a joke.

If for the moment no video of the sequence in question has leaked on social networks (the games are still behind closed doors), it’s Nicolas Batum who let the cat out of the bag in his latest tweet. And obviously, he is still… disturbed.

By deduction with the mention of Rudy Gobert in the message, it is the Friday match between Jazz and the Clippers. The French pivot was also on site, in his own venue in Salt Lake City, and did not fail to remind Nico Batum of the basics in a tweet that drives the Americans crazy.


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