“MJ’s FINALS record is not relevant” Nick Wright believes LeBron James is the GOAT’ because he is a better defender than Michael Jordan

One of the LeBron James followers Nick Wright confirms that LeBron James has better defensive abilities than Michael Jordan. Here is his argument for the same.


LeBron James and Michael Jordan had many virtual battles on the court. They are constantly pitted against each other in a GOAT debate, while MJ is considered the greatest player to ever play in the NBA in most cases. LeBron James is also not far behind the great, as he is now closing in on every stat with impressive performances night after night. But one argument still gave MJ a slight edge over LBJ is their defensive comparisons. Die-hard LeBron fan Nick Wright weighs in with his assessment on the same as he breakdown the stats.

Nick Wright, one of LeBron’s biggest fans, doesn’t think that Jordan is a better defender than the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. Here’s what he said on his “What’s Wright” podcast”, “The idea that because Michael Jordan has a Defensive Player of the Year award, that he was a better defender than LeBron… You can argue he was a better defender than LeBron, I think you’re wrong, but you can make that argument.”

While both players have similar offensive explosiveness on the court – their defensive importance in the team sets them apart. LeBron, playing more seasons in the league certainly gives him more numbers in each category, but per averages would be a fair comparison for the megastars.

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