“MJ never lost in NBA finals,” Magic Johnson settles Michael Jordan vs ‘catching up’ LeBron James GOAT debate


Johnson Says LeBron Needs More Championships to Surpass Jordan.


Basketball legend Magic Johnson recently shared his opinion on the ongoing debate surrounding who the greatest basketball player of all time is. During a recent episode of the Dan Patrick Show, Johnson stated that he believes Michael Jordan still holds that title, despite LeBron James‘ impressive career.

Magic Johnson, who is widely considered one of the best point guards in NBA history, was quick to praise both players. He referred to James as “one of the all-time greatest that’s ever played the game,” while also stating that James is probably the best all-around basketball player of all time.

However, Johnson’s reasoning for choosing Jordan over James was based on championships. He pointed out that while James has won four NBA championships during his career, Jordan won six. Johnson believes that James may need to win a couple more championships to surpass Jordan as the greatest basketball player of all time.

While championships are undoubtedly an important factor to consider in this debate, they are not the only factor. Other factors such as statistics, impact on the game, and overall talent also plays a significant role.

Despite Johnson’s opinion, the debate over who the greatest basketball player of all time is will likely continue for years to come. Both Michael Jordan and LeBron James have had a significant impact on the game of basketball and their legacies will continue to be debated by fans for many years.

In the end, Johnson’s message was one of celebration for both players. He emphasized that LeBron James is a great basketball player and should not be underestimated. Johnson’s comments serve as a reminder that while the debate over the greatest basketball player of all time may never be fully settled, both Jordan and James have made a lasting impact on the sport and will continue to be revered by fans for generations to come.

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